The power of earning is in your hands, you have to take advantage of the opportunity while it lasts.

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    All Possible ways of Earning

    With Access to the internet, we bring you various ways of earning income from you smartphone

    You can now use chatGPT to earn with us

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    We Deliver What We Promise

    You can earn from afflient marketing, commisions, bonuses, investiment returns, Blogs and so much more. Better earn small returns constanly daily with little capital to start with

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    No Risk No Reward

    With our packages, Artificial Intelligence and the internet, the more you push beyond your limits, the greater the reward

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    Why EarnKraft is your best income generator

    EarnKraft is your best income generator, offering a multitude of ways to boost your earnings effortlessly. With referral commissions and bonuses, every recommendation adds to your wealth. Buy and sell online writing accounts without limits, ensuring constant opportunities. Apply for jobs and earn through WhatsApp, tapping into seamless digital streams. Enjoy limited use of EarnGPT to craft articles and blogs, enhancing your content creation. Chat with your downlines for collaborative growth, and access diverse investment packages for solid returns. Qualify to be a merchant, expanding your reach and income potential. At EarnKraft, every feature is designed to maximize your financial success.

    Writing & Sales

    Making money is a skill anyone can master, with best opportunities

    Ways of Earning With Us

    Here are our top ways of generating income

    If you want to achieve more, playing it safe is the greatest risk of all. To earn big, venture beyond the ordinary and seize the extraordinary

    Affiliate Marketing

    Earn money by promoting our platform and its services through your referral links, you receive a commission. This method works well for those who use social media platforms, and blogs to reach a wider audience.


    Receive additional earnings through various bonus programs. Whether it's for achieving sales targets or participating in special promotions, bonuses provide an extra income boost for your online activities.


    Invest in different packages offered by the platform to grow your wealth. These investment opportunities can provide significant returns, making them a viable option for Kenyans looking to increase their income through smart financial decisions.


    Utilize our EarnGPT to write articles and blogs. This tool helps you generate content quickly allowing you to earn money from blog posts linked to our platform.


    Apply for various jobs that match your skills. Whether it's online jobs, freelance writing, data collection, or virtual assistance, there are numerous opportunities to earn money by offering your services online.

    Blog/Article Writing

    Earn by writing high-quality blog posts and articles. Start writing quickly with our EarnGPT (improved chatGPT) to better your skills and generate more income.


    Gain a premium rank and earning opportunities by subscribing to the VIP package. This package offers enhanced benefits when you get approval for becoming an Agent, a Mentor or a Moderator.

    Online Writing Accounts & Services

    Engage in buying and selling online writing accounts. This marketplace allows you to purchase established accounts with a track record, or sell your own accounts to others, providing a unique income stream for Kenyan entrepreneurs.

    Micro Tasks

    Earn from doing small, repetitive tasks that pay upon completion, such as data entry, data collection, and other micro jobs.


    Meet and interact with people from different parts with different interests.


    You can advertise your products, social media pages, blogs, and vlogs with us due to our constant and massive traffic.


    Earn money by advertising our products and items on various platforms.


    Get extra bonuses and commissions across all investment levels. Receive even better rates as your level increases.


    The Individual package allows a single user to access extra bonuses and commissions. As your investment level increases, you can unlock even better rates. This package also offers the option to select other premium packages.


    The Joint package is designed for two or more friends who want to invest together. They can access premium packages by subscribing with a shared amount. Once the returns are achieved, the payout is distributed among the involved parties.


    The Freelancer package allows remote workers and freelancers to work on short-term and long-term online projects offered on our platform and earn substantial income in USD rates.


    The Merchant package is tailored for individuals or businesses offering digital services and products, such as online writing accounts. They can sell these on our platform and earn returns on their investments.

    Starter package for everyone

    Minimum fundingKES 50

    Basic Account

    Benefits for this package

    • Chat with admin and your downlines
    • Free deposits any time
    • One withdrawal per day
    • Withdrawable limit 20,000 per transaction
    • Earn 40% of referral commisions
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    Minimum FundingKES. 200

    Premium Account

    Benefits for this package

    • Chat with admin and your downlines
    • Free deposits any time
    • Withdraw to you bank account
    • Scheduling of withdrawal everyday
    • No Withdrawable limit per transaction
    • Earn 60% of referral commisions
    • Priority Customer service
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    Ways of Generating Income

    free coing image Free plan


    • Referal commisions

    • Bonuses Earning

    • Buy Online Writing Accounts

    • Apply for Jobs

    card__header-img Most popular


    • ALL Limited Previleges

    • Whatsapp Earnings

    • Limited use of EarnGPT to write articles and blogs

    • Chat with your downlines

    • Access investment Packages

    card__header-img For Merchants


    • ALL limted and Moderate Previleges

    • Qualify to be a merchant

    • Unlimited buying of Online Writing Accounts

    • Unlimited selling of Online Writing Accounts

    • Unlimited Earning From our EarnGPT

    • Unlimted Investiment packages

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    Affiliate Marketing Platforms vs Earnkraft Platform

    #Features Other Platforms Earnkraft Platform

    Free Registration

    Multiple ways of earning

    VIP Bonus (weekly)

    Providing Job opportunities

    Fast Withdrawals

    Automated Payouts

    Earn with AI & chatGPT

    Referal Bonuses

    Earn from Articles & blogging

    Registered Platform

    Referal comissions

    40% 60%