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Ways of Earning With Us

Here are our top ways of generatimg income

If you want to achieve more, playing it safe is the greatest risk of all. To earn big, venture beyond the ordinary and seize the extraordinary

Affiliet Marketing

Earn money by promoting our platform and its services through your referral links, you receive a commission. This method works well for those who use social media platforms, and blogs to reach a wider audience.


Receive additional earnings through various bonus programs. Whether it's for achieving sales targets or participating in special promotions, bonuses provide an extra income boost for your online activities.


Invest in different packages offered by the platform to grow your wealth. These investment opportunities can provide significant returns, making them a viable option for Kenyans looking to increase their income through smart financial decisions.


Utilize our EarnGPT to write articles and blogs. This tool helps you generate content quickly allowing you to earn money from blog posts linked to our platform.


Apply for various jobs that match your skills. Whether it's online jobs, freelance writing, data collection, or virtual assistance, there are numerous opportunities to earn money by offering your services online.

Blog/Article Writing

Earn by writing high-quality blog posts and articles. Start writing quickly with our EarnGPT (improved chatGPT) to better your skills and generate more income.


We provide you with a platform to chat with merchants, downlines, sellers and other parties on our platform


Gain a premium rank and earning opportunities by subscribing to the VIP package. This package offers enhanced benefits when you get approval for becoming an Agent, a Mentor or a Moderator.

Online Writing Accounts & Services

Engage in buying and selling online writing accounts. This marketplace allows you to purchase established accounts with a track record, or sell your own accounts to others, providing a unique income stream for Kenyan entrepreneurs.

Micro Tasks

Earn from doing small, repetitive tasks that pay upon completion, such as data entry, data collection, and other micro jobs.


Meet and interact with people from different parts with different interests.


You can advertise your products, social media pages, blogs, and vlogs with us due to our constant and massive traffic.


Earn money by advertising our products and items on various platforms.

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